Volunteer Team / Opportunities

Want to help with the Auckland Burners’ Space in Mt Eden? If you’re keen to volunteer, email us at auckland.burners@gmail.com with your ideas and relevant skills.

Auckland Burners’ key roles and people:

1) Finance / Treasurer (AK Burner space only)
Managing gst, reconciliation, how we pay bills, working with Team Leads to set up and track income streams
Accountant: Chanaka De Silva

2) Operations Manager
Managing tools, consumables, assets, Health & Safety, building access, security, maintenance, storage management, cleanliness
Team Lead: Tim Sutcliffe
2IC: Nick Blackwood-Reidie

3) Community Manager
Relationship management: liaise with people wanting to use space, vendors eg AK Council, Kiwiburn, Burning Man  Regionals liaison, project engagement, regular meet ups
Team Lead: Omri Yahel
2IC: Laura Colbert

4) Event Manager
Managing parties, open days, event liaison, crew liaison
Team Lead: Peter Vosper
2IC: Fergus Bassett

5) Project Manager
Managing Giant Weta, Splore, Kiwiburn, standalone projects from the community etc, integrating into Auckland Burners
Team Lead: Andrew Benson
2IC: Geveta Cook

6) Administration
Managing admin side of things, legal, emails, web, IP etc
Team Lead: Jorgia Kelsey
2IC: Tammy Janwattana

7) Marketing
Managing social media, PR, marketing
Team Lead: Shelley Watson
2IC: Krystyna Walsh