What is Kiwiburn?

      Kiwiburn is a collective experience. Everybody contributes, everybody buys a ticket, even people who have volunteered year-round to make the event happen. As there are no paid performers at the event, there are no spectators and what is shared are the passions and dreams of those who gift them. You cannot “attend” Kiwiburn, but you can be a part of it. There is no money exchanged for anything at the event – the participants are co-creating a gift economy and a different kind of social reality to go along with it, where you can feel free to radically express yourself and please respect other people’s boundaries.

Due to this collective nature there is no programme or featured artist list. There will be various kinds of music, art installations, people in costume, neon lights, fire spinners, drummers, random surprises, dancers, free spirits and healers… but that’s just us, and what we are doing… bring your passion and share with us your dreams.

Theme Camps at Kiwiburn

      Maybe you’re a traveller, a DJ, a fire performer, a healer or even a groover. Like all Burns around the world, some Theme Camps are closed and some take travellers and itinerants. Keep an eye out on the Kiwiburn website for registered camps closer to the event. Here’s a few of the long standing Theme Camps at Kiwiburn:

      Theme Camps

      Home for Wayward Boys and Girls Travellers welcome
      Raspberry Beret Shots for shocks
      The Rusty Joint Your friendly neighbourhood joint
      Mint Country Club Gin! Gin!
      Pepperland Snorting pepper is the new black
      The Hangout Live music, comfortable hammocks, great vibe
      Phosforus Glowing in the dark
      Pillowtopia For all your pillow fight requirements
      Taradise Classic rock and jamming
      Swing Fling Swing Swing set and ball pit
      The Kitchen Sink Shared meals and costumes

      Sound Camps

      Dancealot – the good vibe tribe! House, techno, disco, electro swing, trance, rock
      Chur! All the Bass
      Funkhutt Techno, house
      Flojo Psytrance
      The Falls Inn All the grooves
      Cape Carnival Rockin’ out on Friday afternoons to classic rock